In today's world, protecting oneself, and one's assets is an increasingly complex and important responsibility. However, the unexpected can occur at any moment, disrupting the best-laid plans and adding new pressures.

Heritage is helping not only Corporates (companies) but also Individuals to manage the financial problems that may arise due to accidents . We are happy to assist you in planning / arranging insurances to secure such financial problems and to safeguard your hard-earned assets and to guide you through the insurance maze in case of a claim.

Some of the most useful products for individuals that could be arranged by us include:

Accident, Life and Health
Heritage has helped individuals gain peace of mind through affordable supplemental accident, life and health insurance products.

Property and Liability
Insurances for your property can be arranged by us keeping your needs in mind. Protection against professional and personal negligence leading to claims (financial) from third parties can also be arranged so you can carry on with your job with a peaceful mind.

All in all, we strive to assist you in more ways than one by advising and guiding you to choose the right product to protect you against financial losses from damage to your assets and from compensation you may be liable to pay to third parties because of an error or negligence in your professional capacity.