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Smita Bajoria, B.A. (Hons.)
Ajay Shukla, B.Sc., AIII
Principal Officer & Managing Director
Call: 7777013042
Chandan Saha, B.Com (Hons), A.C.A.
Chief Financial Officer
Call: 9831037060
Ms. Vaijayanti Varadarajan, MBA, FII
Senior Vice President
Call: 9717002023
Gautam Kanjilal, B.Com
Senior Vice President.
Call: 9830006210
Arun Kumar Srivastava , B.Com (Hons.) LIII
Vice President Reinsurance
Call: 9674030089
Smita Bajoria
Smita Bajoria, B.A. (Hons.) Chairperson
Email: smita@bajoria.in
Smita Bajoria is an entrepreneur with a holistic vision for the Indian Insurance market. She has been instrumental in developing various facets and aspects of this organization over the years.
Ajay Shukla , B.Sc., AIII
Managing Director & Principal Office
Email: ashukla@bajoria.in

Ajay Shukla is an insurance industry professional with 34 years of experience. His professional experience has encompassed a whole gamut of responsibilities: experience in all classes of general insurance business, from underwriting to business development, from established companies to start-up operations and from insurer to intermediary. Joine on 1st March 2016.
Chandan Saha B.Com (Hons), A.C.A.
Chief Financial Officer
Email: csaha@bajoria.in

A Chartered Accountant by profession, he has over 26 years experience in the manufacturing and service industries. Over the last 16 years he has been in the insurance industry, out of which 12 years with Heritage and has evolved as a reputable practitioner of reinsurance. The balance 4 years he has been with Magma HDI General Insurance Co. Ltd being involed with UW, IT, Reinsurance as well as Finance. He has rejoined Heritage with a Finance and Compliance role.
Vaijayanti Varadarajan MBA, FII
Senior Vice President Reinsurance.
Email: vrajan@bajoria.in
Vaijayanti Varadarajan has nearly 25 years in the Insurance Industry with 10 years experience in the field of Reinsurance having worked in Insurance Companies and Brokers. This has given her an all round view of the Industry and its working. She strives to provide quality and value added service and help in the development of the Insurance Industry in India. Joined on 16th May 2016.
Gautam Kanjilal - B.Com
Senior Vice President.
Email: gkanjilal@bajoria.in
Gautam Kanjilal has 36 years of work experience of which the last 12 have been in the insurance industry. His expertise is marketing and developing insurance business for Corporate and Retail areas for both GI and LI. Before joining the Heritage Family, he served as the Country Head of Life Insurance Division of a renowned Insurance Broking house while at the same time taking care of the GI businesses of some of the most eminent names in the market. Joined October 2016.
Arun Kumar Srivastava B.Com (Hons.) LIII
Vice President Reinsurance.
Email: aksrivastava@bajoria.in
Arun Kumar Srivastava has over 25 years of varied experience in Reinsurance underwriting and accounts. He subsequently utilized his vast knowledge of the insurance industry to move into reinsurance broking. He has travelled overseas widely and established good contacts with insurers/reinsurers and developed inward and reinsurance business. He has played a significant role in taking Heritage to great heights.