What does Insurance mean?
It is a method in which the losses suffered by a few are spread over many, exposed to similar risks. Insurance is a well-thought out cover against financial loss arising on the happening of an unanticipated occurrence.

Do I need Insurance?
In this unpredictable world, everyone needs Insurance! Insurance plays an ideal guard against the occurrence of unfortunate eventualities. Insurance products aid in not just moderating risks, but further helps you by delivering a financial cover against unfavourable financial burdens endured.

How does General Insurance benefit me?
Accidents, illnesses, fires... in the ups and downs of life, we are never prepared for the downsides. This is precisely the point where General Insurance can prove to be a boon. It provides the highly vital but often ignored protection against such unforeseen events. Unlike Life Insurance, General Insurance is not meant to offer returns, but is a protection against emergencies. Moreover, specific Acts of Parliament like certain types of insurance (e.g., Motor Insurance and Public Liability Insurance) have been made mandatory.

How much of Insurance do I need?
It is pretty imperative to have sufficient amount of coverage for each insurance policy. Even before zeroing in on the Sum Insured as regards any asset or property insurance, the value of the asset based on market value or reinstatement value should be primarily taken into consideration. If the Sum Insured does not meet requirements, the percentage representing the exposed segment of the asset has to be necessarily borne by the insured.

What are the broad elements that get covered under Insurance?
Almost anything and everything! Anything that has a potential financial worth in your life and has a possibility of getting lost, stolen or damaged can get covered under insurance. Property (both movable and fixed), vehicle, cash, household goods, health, dishonesty and also your liability towards others can be covered.

Do I need cover right now?
Life’s full of uncertainties. Accidents and mishaps can occur almost anytime and any place. It is therefore essential to recognise the risks faced and insure oneself against these at the earliest possible time. And that time is now!

What does Premium mean?
The amount of money you pay periodically to maintain insurance coverage.

To purchase Insurance, why must I fill up a proposal form?
Insurance is typically a contract that needs to be signed between the insured and the insurer. The proposal form is the basis of contract that contains all the relevant information for the preparation of the policy that is a contract document.

What is Underwriting?
Underwriting refers to the process that a financial service provider uses to assess the process of providing access to their product like insurance to a customer. Depending on the assessment, the risk for insurance contract is accepted and the premium rate is decided upon.

What is deductible?
In an insurance policy, the deductible or excess is the portion of any claim that is not covered by the insurance provider. It is normally quoted as a fixed amount and is a part of most policies covering losses to the policyholder. The deductible must be "met", that is, paid by the insured, before the benefits of the policy can apply.

What does the term Reinsurance mean?
Reinsurance is a means by which an insurance company can protect itself against the risk of losses in collaboration with other insurance companies or underwriters.