Industries have multifarious activities to perform such as production, sales and distribution customer service, human resource management, technology, legal and finance and while carrying out such functions face increasingly complex risks and challenges.

Managing and preventing such losses is equally important as managing the other activities of the business.

This is where HIBL could be useful- We could be the friend and partner to assist the organization, in the management of such risks and financial losses, thereby allowing CORPORATE executives to concentrate on the core activities of the industry.

We at HIBL:

  • Can access the best of insurance providers for you,
  • Endeavour to work with you to understand your business objectives and then match our capabilities to deliver integrated, customised solutions,
  • Will be with you throughout the Policy period – to take care of the modifications, extensions that maybe required,
  • Assist you at the time of claims.


Can look to us for identifying, analysing, reducing and managing insurable risks of your business. The in-depth knowledge and experience of our personnel could be used to help in acquiring/arranging insurance covers most suitable to mitigate the exposures unique to your sector. We would strive to arrange covers on par with what your peers anywhere in the world with similar exposures have been secured with. Wherever required, we would strive to arrange for special covers tailored to meet the specific requirements.

Small and Medium Sized Industries- As one of the leading brokers, we can identify insurers/covers that can offer you comprehensive and cost effective insurance protection specific to your line of business. We would be there to sift through the variety of traditional and specialty insurances so that you can avail of adequate and appropriate covers at most effective costs which is aimed at reducing your exposure and not add unduly to your insurance budgets.

Small and Individual Businesses- We can access the full range of premium insurance products and services, including property, business continuity, automobile, workers' compensation, general liability and professional liability. We would strive to get the best pricing and terms available without losing out on the protection required.

In addition to the minimum and essential insurances, we are there to suggest and arrange for various insurance options that would take care of the employees, as individuals even if the Organisation itself is unable to buy such insurances for them.

Contact us to learn more about HIBL capabilities built to meet the needs of your business. AND give us an opportunity to represent your interests and arrange for comprehensive insurance solutions.