Reinsurace Broking
Reinsurace Broking

Heritage and Reinsurance are very closely linked. Almost since its inception, Heritage has been in insurance consultancy, project insurance designing and costing of cover, all based on Global Reinsurance assistance.

Thus the beginning was made with these major Project Facultative risks and simultaneously Heritage also had the privilege of placing modest shares of annual RI programmes of Insurance Companies.
Over the last decade, Heritage has been able to increase its business and work actively with several Insurance Companies both within and outside India.

Over the past decade Heritage has steadily been expanding its services and building up relationships with the Captains and the Specialists of the Reinsurance world. Armed with this access to the International markets, it is the endeavour of Heritage to be the forerunner in providing effective Reinsurance solutions to our clients.

We have been able to take up challenges of arranging innovative covers to new type of risks emerging in the Indian Market and very large specialized Accounts.